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I advise discussions that impact the access to mental health services.   

Award winning author JJ Winston is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and an Attorney, who for 19 years, served as an advocate for individuals and their families who
suffer with behavioral health disorders. JJ Winston is currently employed as
a Magistrate in Family Court in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. , Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. and author of two novels, and one non-fiction workbook. 

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The Anniversary

In The Anniversary you will meet Grandville and Juliette Stubbs as they try to come to terms with several losses that precipitate Grandville’s mental health diagnosis. The trials and tribulations chronicled by the Stubbs family in this fictional account explore several topics, including communication, marriage, acceptance and forgiveness. This work was created to give a voice to individuals and their families who live daily with past trauma, loss, and the stigma attached to being diagnosed with a behavioral health disorder.


The Anniversary Workbook

The Anniversary Workbook is a valuable resource for those who want to gain basic knowledge about the causes of mental illness, the impact it has on interpersonal relationships, and the resources which are available for helping the mentally ill to cope with their condition.


The Commemoration

The Commemoration is a story chronicling one couple’s fight against tragedy, family secrets, tremendous loss, and tough decisions. During this complex journey, will their trust in God and each other foster the forgiveness and understanding they need, or will the secrets of their past cause their kingdom to fall under attack



JJ Winston does a great job at

giving insight into human

trafficking and sickle cell

anemia. I love the way

her endings leave me

wanting answers.

Looking forward to

the next installment. 

—  M. Stall, Amazon Reviewer

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