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The Commemoration

What do you do when your kingdom is under attack? Grandville and Juliette Stubbs have weathered the tumultuous storms that have rocked their world following the shocking and tragic death of their eldest daughter, Jessica, and Grandville’s subsequent imprisonment. The Commemoration, the sequel to the blockbuster novel, The Anniversary, picks up where the debuting novel left off.  As Grandville grapples with the complexities of adjusting to his release from prison, mending his relationship with his wife Juliette, and dealing with challenges of fatherhood, he is mindful of preserving his mental health.

Grandville and Juliette’s love remains solid in The Commemoration as they face the anniversary of Jessica’s death.  Its lasting impact on their family, the possibility Juliette's missing cousin Melinia may be a victim of human trafficking, and a threat to their child's health, cast  light on a host of secrets threatening the Stubbs’ family sense of synchronicity. Shortly after the onset of these events, Juliette is forced to confront the demons of  her past choices and is sent spiraling into the depths of her own behavioral health battle.

The Commemoration is a story chronicling one couple’s fight against tragedy, family secrets, tremendous loss, and tough decisions. During this complex journey, will their trust in God and each other foster the forgiveness and understanding they need, or will the secrets of their past cause their kingdom to fall under attack

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